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Property & Building Maintenance Services

Interior & Exterior Window Cleaning

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Pressure Washing & Power Cleaning

Professional Pressure Cleaning Services

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Roof Moss Removal & Treatment

Safe, Effective Roof Moss Removal & Treatment

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Aerial View of a Beautiful Property

Professional General Maintenance Services

Fast, Reliable General Handy Man Services

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Interior Windows

Eavestrough Cleaning & Maintenance

Anyone can clean gutters, but not everyone will know what to look for that signals potential damage to your property. Our gutter experts will clean each gutter and downspout inside and out, while inspecting for damage, leaks, and for common areas that occasionally need repairs to keep you informed or create a solution.


Roof Moss Removal & Treatment

Roof moss isn't just an eye sore - it can do some serious damage to your shingles. In this climate, roof moss removal is a regular part of routine preventative maintenance. If you have growth, it's better to take care of the problem early to avoid costly repairs down the road. Don't settle for anything less than the best.
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Professional Window Cleaning

We provide sparkling clean interior and exterior window cleaning for high rise and residential customers. With our specialized equipment, certified technicians and over 25 years of experience, we have the ability to clean any building safely and efficiently. Regardless of the job, you will receive quality work and smiling customer service from our happy and reliable Vancouver Island team.


Soft Washing, Pressure Washing
& Power Cleaning

Each problem requires an expert solution.
Our techniques, equipment and skill-set allow us to dramatically improve the appearance of your commercial property. From parking lots to building mildew, siding to painted surfaces and stucco, our services will have your facility looking like new again. 

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Professional General Maintenance Services

With Modern Maintenance not only do you get a quality service technician you get a TEAM of highly qualified maintenance technicians with a breadth of experience in multiple trades. Our team can handle most of the service, general repairs and even emergency situations that happen on occasion.

If the job is beyond our scope or we can't help you we will introduce you to someone who can!

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