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Building a Better Service Company

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My name is J.P. Meek and I have worked in the high-rise building maintenance industry in some way or another since I began my computer science and economics degree at the University of Victoria in 1995. 
I started as an inexperienced employee making my way through school and rose through the ranks to becoming the General Manager of the largest and most successful company in the field on Vancouver Island that eventually led to the sale of that business to a large Vancouver based corporation in 2018. This year my team and I are forming an entirely new entity designed to create better value and experiences for both team members and clients as well as the community.


This business will be different than others in the space in that we intend to share more fairly and fully with team members in terms of profits AND equity for the right individuals. We have a long standing tradition of reliability and accountability to our clients and intend to extend that even further with this project by hand picking our team members and treating them as such. We are truly building a business family here. A place where ideas for improvement are heard and implemented and where input, innovation and perspiration will be greatly valued and rewarded. Make no mistake we are not looking to merely hire a work force but ultimately grow a happy and efficient enterprise built on partnership and harmony with like minded individuals who are smart, passionate, hard working people who are willing to able to rise to the challenges of growing a better business for ourselves, our customers and our community.We also intend to be active in contributing to the communities in which we do business while actively monitoring and maintaining a light footprint on the environment.

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you all.

J.P. Meek
Owner / GM

About: Welcome
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